Texas Child Support Payment Laws

The Child Support Division works closely with Texas employers, community organizations and other state agencies to serve texas families. programs and Initiatives No matter what your family looks like, we are working hard to develop programs to help you build more successful lives.

Common Misconceptions about Child Support in Texas Extension of child support payments in Texas. The parent wants to provide college support: In some states, parents can opt to continue paying child support to help pay for a child’s education. This exception is not obligatory.

Texas Child Support Payments at a Glance When you need to get up to speed on how to pay or receive child support payments, the last thing you want to do is wade through dense legal texts. That’s why we’ve highlighted the basics of Texas child support payments in the helpful chart below.

Small Estate Affidavit Texas Form Settling an estate can be a lengthy process. A Small Estate Affidavit can help you speed up the process when the there’s no Last Will and the estate is smaller than $150,000 in assets. A: The form you can use is called a Small Estate Affidavit, and you can find one by searching the words


Once the law takes effect, changes in payments will not happen automatically. Parents who would like to add dental coverage to child-support payments will have to file with the Texas Attorney …

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Kelly (Robert Kelly) was sent to jail because he owed approximately $161,000 in past due child support, showing that not even celebrities are above the law. According to CNN, on January 8, 2009, an …

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