Senior Pets For Seniors

Welcome to Pets For Seniors & Pets for Saving. Pets for Seniors is an organization that matches cats and dogs from animal control facilities with senior citizens who might need a little help with the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Meet My ADOPTED SENIOR DOG! Since our first match between a senior dog and a senior citizen in August of 1999, Pets for Seniors has rescued over 700 older dogs and cats from euthanasia at Central Illinois animal control facilities and found them homes, most with senior citizens who had given up having companion animals despite the proven physical and emotional benefits.

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Senior dogs are the perfect companions for senior humans, and Muttville is committed to making it as easy as possible for seniors to adopt. People over 62 years old qualify for our Seniors for seniors adoption program, which includes a waived adoption fee and a month’s worth of supplies.

"The Pets for the Elderly Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that pays a portion of the adoption fee, when a senior citizen – persons age 60+ adopts a companion pet from one of our 52 participating shelters in 29 states."

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