Ideal Bed Height For Elderly


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The bed I have is 20" high. Is it better for short (around 5’3") elderly people to have a bed/mattress height of around 20" or something a little higher?

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Adjustable beds offer relief from the aforementioned ailments, but there’s yet another category of sleepers who benefit: those with bad backs. When an adjustable bed can change the height of both … …

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For many people, the most suitable bed height is 18 inches (same height as a chair seat). If the person is quite short or tall, the bed height should be adjusted accordingly.

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Jul 11, 2017  · Older beds, like vintage pieces or antique beds, tend to be higher off the ground – closer to 36” inches. While it may allow for a good amount of extra storage, it can be especially difficult to get on or off the bed if you are petite, elderly or have bad backs or knees. Other Considerations

Standard bed height is 22 to 25 inches. In a bedroom with high ceilings, a bed that measures 25 inches or a bit higher — from the floor to the mattress top — can appear more in tune with the space.

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