Facebook Waiting For Network

Dec 21, 2014  · Not even "Clear Data" for both Facebook & Messenger helped. I logged in to Facebook app, it loads all messages but always fails to send one. messenger too, and it just says "Waiting to Connect" or sometimes "connecting" – and that lasts forever.

hi sir. I am having Android ICS and I am using 3g network. Still the messenger is showing waiting to connect. When I send msg through internet to my friends I am getting msg on my messenger but I am not able to send it on my messenger.

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Fix Facebook Messenger-Waiting For Network Error In Android|Tablet Mar 21, 2019  · Facebook Messenger has gained a great popularity around the world, but also problems occur, for example, Messenger is not connecting to the network with "Waiting For Network" notification or a little blue circle keeping showing on the phone screen.

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